The ISCF is the sole representative and lobbying body for owners of self-catering properties in Ireland recognised as such by consultative bodies, local & central government and every leading tourism group. 

Our aim is to promote and defend the interests of Self-Catering property owners giving voice to issues affecting our sector.


Holiday Homes Ireland

Self-Catering in Ireand – rural holiday home.

The Irish Self Catering Federation represents members who market 5,000 holiday homes in Ireland and who employ 7,000 people both on a full time and seasonal basis throughout Ireland in the tourism sector.

The Irish Self Catering Federation registered office is based in Enniscorthy, Co Wexford. The ISCF has an Executive Council representing both group and individual members in the different regions. The Officers are elected by the Executive Council and hold office for a period of three years. Our membership is diverse, and we welcome all       self- catering operators, irrespective of the number of properties that they have.

The current Chairperson 2019/2020 is Jacinta Doolan, former founder (1986) and co-owner of Trident Holiday Homes, a company engaged in the marketing and management of holiday homes throughout Ireland. Jacinta has been an influential member of ISCF since its foundation in 1998 and brings with her a wealth of experience gained over 30 years, in the wider tourism sector.

The ISCF Company Secretary is Terence O’Toole, Owner and Director, Love Connemara Cottages.

The Executive Council meets bi-monthly and holds an Annual General Meeting and Conference.


Holiday Homes Ireland

Self-Catering Holiday Homes, Ireland.

ISCF Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

To increase national and international consumer awareness of the range and value of Irish self-catering sector throughout Ireland while pushing for equal representation & exposure for self catering within the tourism industry.

ISCF mission

To promote and protect the interests of our members by;

  • Representing Irish self-caterers by proactive lobbying on a national level to ensure equal representation for our sector in the tourism industry
  • Offering business networking opportunities
  • Providing online support forum where any paid member can reach out to all other members with any industry related issue or problems
  • Members’ access to industry presentations and face to face meetings with industry trade suppliers
  • Collaboration with other industry Federations to provide networking opportunities regionally



Director ISCF

Máire ní Mhurchú, Chair 

Maire Ni Mhurchú      

Chair Irish Self-Catering

Owner  Dunmanus Cottage 





Director ISCf

Peter Downey, Director ISCF

            Peter Downey

                                               Executive Council  ISCF

                                             Co-Ordinator  Planning

                                              Owner  of Riverside Paradise





Director ISCF

Howard Knott, Director ISCF

Howard Knott

Executive Council  ISCF

Co-Ordinator Website Design

Owner of Ballybetagh Hill Cottage 






Eamon Ryan Executive Council

                        Eamonn Ryan

                                                             Executive Council & Treasurer

                                                             Co-Ordinator  Membership

                                                            Owner of

                                                             Co-Ordinator  Membership 



Directors ISCF

Jacinta Doolan, Quality Assurance ISCF 


Jacinta Doolan

ISCF Quality Assurance Scheme

Ex-Director of Trident Holiday Homes



Director ISCF

Terence o Toole, Director 

Terry O’Toole

Director ISCF

Owner of Love Connemara Holiday Cottages