Attendee Feedback 2018

Excellent conference covered most of my queries.

David Hall

“This was my first Conference, so many things to think about.  Really enjoyed meeting other members of Iscf.  I do work as an advocate of iscf and will continue to do so.”

Karen O Neill, O Neill Holiday Homes

 “Great opportunity to network and meet a variety of people from all over Ireland”

Gemma Elias

“The conference is very tuned into the issues that have and will have a major effect on the industry – very representable”

Terry O’ Toole, Love Connemara Holiday Cottages

“I am glad that things have moved on for ISCF over the last few years.”

Michael Brennan, Rathkerin

“ Interesting and informative day.  Thank you.

Annette Collins, Imagine Ireland Ltd.

“Well done! Informative and enjoyable.  Always a good way to network and stay on top of what is happening in the industry –  a fast growing and moving industry. Thank you”

Roger & Liz Pickett, The Cottages Ireland

“Questions & Answers at the End was best bit”

Hilary Knott, The Cottage

“ A must do day for every self catering operation”

Helen Cousins, Kilmore Cottage

“I am always happy to attend this well organised AGM to keep up to date with what’s happening in our industry”

Bernie Ryan, Botanic View Dublin

“ This Conference is well organised and broad based.”

Patrick & Voilet Shortt, Acorn Cottage 

“ Very well appointed presentation”

Jacinta O Brien, Lake

“ISCF conference is important for us with a smaller business as it gives us the opportunity to meet our peers.  The information we gather from those who exhibit give ideas and confidence to engage in new ways of running our business”

John & Gertrude Magner, The Farm Cottages.

“ Great opportunity to meet agents and colleagues in the industry”

Michael Haugh, Doon Beg Holiday Cottages.

“ Really informative event with the opportunity to gain new information and meek new business opportunities.”

Wendy Halliday,

Exhibitor Feedback 2018

“Further to our participation as a supplier to ISCF, I would say that the conference was very professional, with information
ready to hand and a general feel good factor between all participants. I would love to participate again and meet more of your members.”

Paul Gavin, Eco Energy Options

“Very well run event in a very good venue and location”

Gerry Doody, Dolmen Insurance Brokers