Sustainability Policy

Digital Nomads Want Office Space.

In the past few years Digital Nomads has become a lifestyle choice for people who work online and want to travel and experience new places. They bring their laptop, mobile phone with them and expect an office where they are staying. Hotels are not the first choice for these guests who stay for a few weeks or longer and want to make themselves feel at home. Self-Catering is ideal for such guests, particularly in the off -season ( October to March). These guests will approach an owner asking for a longer stay and a better rate for the the accommodation. They may also want to have some details of the area and facilities you can offer at your property.

As well as the normal description of the property you can offer an Office space to guests and have some or all of these facilities below. The BER energy rating of the property and its suitability for occupancy in winter months with details of heating provided will also be essential. Make sure that these guests know you can offer a direct contract for the accommodation, at a better rate than available through the Online Travel Agents (OTA).

Set up an Office Space in a Self-Catering Unit

Some owners welcome guests to use a home office, particularly in the off season. These Guests will expect the following as part of an office set up.

1 WiFi

Most guests will telework from the accommodation booked. Hence, the need for a good WIFI connexion is a must. You may be asked to provide to check your speed. Advise if they can use up to a certain amount of wifi – you may not wish to encourage going or streaming constantly – as you may b charged by the provider for this.

2 Working Space

Providing a suitable and comfortable working station is essential. It can be a separate room, a desk in the main living space, an office chair. This needs to be photographed to show what is on offer.

3. Plug Sockets

Laptops need constant access to power hence at least one power socket should be available next to the working area. An extension lead to the socket may also be provided. Explain the types of plugs we have so can bring own adaptor.

4 Phone Network

Teleworkers need to stay connected with their employers, colleagues and/or clients. A good phone signal inside the house will be particularly important to these people, who bring their own phone with them.

5. Other Equipment’s

Although not compulsory, guests welcome various office suppliers to make the life of easier such as a printer, stationery, desk lamp – and they can be listed and charged for an an extra service. Make sure they know they have to be pre-ordered.

Make guests aware of Digital Hubs or Workspaces nearby where they can hold meetings. Local library and other facilities listed in the area can encourage remote working. Digital remote working has increased a lot in the past few years, with improved broadband services with towns like Skibbereen benefiting from the guests who want to stay in the off-season. For further advise contact the ISCF offices.


Rebuild holidaymaker revenue to pre-pandemic levels (accounting for inflation), while increasing focus on attracting value-adding tourism.

Economic Sustainability

  • Drive the return to pre-pandemic levels of (inflation-adjusted) holidaymaker revenue.
  • Prioritise holidaymaker revenue growth in Northern Ireland and the regions of the island of Ireland.
  • Drive holidaymaker revenue growth during the shoulder season.

Social Sustainability

  • Bring increased benefits from tourism to local communities.
  • Increase diversity and inclusion.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Increasing focus on the environmental impact of inbound tourism over the course of the plan.
  • Focus on promoting more sustainable holidays and behaviours.
  • Prioritise sustainable industry players in promotional activities.