Self-Catering is a Tourism Product and not a Cause or a Solution to the Housing Crisis

Press Release

Title: Self-Catering is a Tourism Product and not a Cause or a Solution to the Housing Crisis


Self-Catering has been a Tourism Offering in Ireland for many generations.

The ISCF Welcomes the EU Document  “Short-term rentals: Increasing transparency and curbing illegal listings” This will bring Short-term Rental (STR) into strong fucus.    The new EU rules, if adopted by the European Parliament, will create transparency on ownership of STR properties and how data of STR is  collected and shared in the EU Countries. In Ireland , Failte Ireland has been nominated as Statutory Agency to collect this data. The adopted text of the Bill today, will be voted on at EU level before Christmas.  Irish Legislation will follow the EU guidelines on this, if adopted, and this will supersede any National legislation. Each self-catering property where a full house, apartment, cabin, pod or other accommodation  property will have a Registration number, giving clear data to national governments on bed stock in each area of Ireland


The Irish Self-Catering Federation (ISCF) has received a draft document on the Planning Legislation and is disappointed that long-term viable businesses are not supported, while rental  of up to 90 days in the Primary Private Residence (PPR) is allowed.   The PPR rental offered by one of the OTA’s is  not part of the Tourism Industry. The need for Tourism Accommodation has to be addressed as there is a serious deficit in Tourism Accommodation for Families, Groups, and the economy end of the market due to Government contracts. Owners of STR in Ireland and the EU Commission have requested planning legislation which will allow for balanced, proportionate and allow for the continuation and development of accommodation in Ireland, protecting livelihoods of those who have been long-tern in the industry. The creeping RPZ areas has brought the whole countys of Limerick, Waterford and Kilkenny into the areas where Self-catering becomes illegal without planning permission, and there are no clear guidelines on the provision of planning.


Customers are entitled to Quality Assured Short-Term Rental (STR) accommodation, offering the best international standards. The ISCF is one of the two national agencies that provide Quality Assurance Certification for STR Properties in Ireland. Self-Catering is not the cause or solution to the housing crisis in Ireland. The ISCF felt extremely let down by Alison Guililand, ex-Mayor of Dublin who spoke  at an event in Brussel today. She painted the Councils housing development in glowing terms while the Short-Term Rental (STR) industry in the capital, while hotel rates in Dublin are astronomical.  There is a need for increased tourism  accommodation all over Ireland, with Self-Catering in renovated buildings  being much more sustainable than new built hotel. A clear plan for the development of the STR sector needs to be in place  with the introduction of the Register for STR and Clear Planning and Development Guidelines, not a system which will require all existing businesses to apply for planning permission.