Scottish STR Owners wins 2nd Judicial Review against City of Edinburgh Council

Press Release from the Irish Self-Catering Federation


Scottish STR Owners wins 2nd Judicial Review against

City of Edinburgh Council


In Scotland each Council can enforce legislation on Self-Catering independently of one another. In Edinburgh a Licensing system for STR was introduced, which was very expensive for property owners, and most were not given planning permission. A Case was taken by 2 others for Judicial Review by Lord Braid who found against City of Edinburgh STR Planning Controls area. This is very similar to the RPZ regulation in Ireland, where existing STR businesses owners have to apply for planning in areas which become RPZ zones and the Council may not grant the Change of use Planning. ‘The Scottish council cannot affect STL operators where change of use occurred before the designation of the STL area’ and does not apply retrospectively.


The ISCF met TDs in the Dáil this week to push for Planning for STR to be introduced before the Register for STR Bill in the Spring. The Government needs to take tourism accommodation needs seriously for the 2024 season. The ISCF recommends the Government adopt the following: –

– Tourism Accommodation Lets (TAL) – Setting up TAL’s that are exempt from planning & building regulations for all ISCF & Failte Ireland approved accommodation types is the solution. In rural areas a simple change of use planning for existing STR still in business.

In High Density Areas – a simple change of use planning for existing STR still in business.

– New Tourism Lets Sector in Planning which do not meet today’s building regulations but suited to short-term rental (heritage or historical buildings, old farm buildings, glamping, tree houses, log cabins, old castle, or addition to existing STR business).

  Regenerative Tourism Development – to replace stock lost to Government Contracts and stock loss post Covid. – Agritourism development supported with farm diversification.

New Rural and Coastal Schemes throughout Ireland in the next 5 years. Clear targets for development with areas where international events take place specifically identified.

Sustainable practices for Self-catering with clear SME business focused Incentives. Universal Design and inclusive development as part of offering with grant funding.


There has been a lot of rumour on what the Government will provide for STR Owners to continue in business, and we now need Clarity, proportionate legislation allowing SME businesses to continue and fair treatment.




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