Reasons Why Self Catering should be allowed in RPZ areas

Reasons Why Self Catering should be allowed in RPZ areas


  Reason Justification
1 Been in business as Self-Catering industry for 7 years As proof of business for 7 years or more, they should automatically be given planning permission.  – need detail of proof required?



2 Derelict Property renovated Derelict property given Planning permission as Self-catering in urban or rural area


3 Renovation farm buildings


Addition of SC for holiday use
4 Group houses built under holiday homes scheme should retain

permission to rent


Houses built in holiday schemes retain the planning permission to be STR, even when sold to second buyer. They need Quality Assurance approval to be rented
5 Properties declared as Family Income If a property in an RPZ area has been rented for some years and income declared in tax returns, should be allowed continue as a family income.
6 Family farm diversification STR Properties rented by farmers as part of family farm diversification should be allowed to continue, once have Quality Assurance


7 Student SelfCatering


Should be allowed to rent in summer season (3 months) with specific symbol to note and Quality Assurance.


8 Extension of existing STR business If an owner has an existing Self-Catering business and proven customer records should be allowed expand existing business -should be allowed to expand business


9 Eco Units Units using EV chargers, solar panels, recycled materials in rural areas, in line with Tourism Development Plans, to increase accommodation



10 On edge of Villages-

Eco or Glamping

In suitable sites on edge of villages, tied into sewage and water supply.



11 Those already registered with ISCF

in urban areas


Few of ISCF members in RPZ areas use AIRBNB – so allow to have pp if also meet one of above criteria
12 Properties not suited full-time occupancy If a property is not suited to full-time occupancy, due to structure of the building, lack of heating or other reasons should be allowed to be STR if meets health and safety requirements, and can get public liability insurance


13 Heritage Listed buildings Heritage listed buildings receive tax incentives to maintain the building integrity. May have part of the structure as STR, to help defray costs of running and managing the building. They should also be exempt from retiring solar panels and other features which would detract from the building


14 Buildings build before 1963 These buildings did not require planning permission when built. If outside an RPZ area, they should be allowed to be STR


15 Properties on the outskirts of a `town in RPZ areas Properties in rural locations, but within an electoral area should not be treated as those in middle of a town. E.g. Property in Bridgetown, Killavullen is 15k from Fermoy, but within the electoral area – should be allowed to continue as STR. * Property 11 km from Killarney in rural area should be treated differently to town area.
16 Gaeltacht areas with owners living and running

business though Irish


If a Self-Catering owner is a full-time resident of a Gaeltacht area, then they should be allowed to continue the business, if run through Irish.
17 Quality Assurance


If the property has received Quality Assurance Approval either by the ISCF or Failte Ireland, they should be able to trade in an RPZ.