Acting on behalf of members

Current issues being addressed by the Federation

1. Commercial Planning Issue

ISCF is currently working with members that are being subjected to bans and unfair restrictions. The dramatic cease and desist orders on rental properties and the requirement on a change of use planning use from residential to commercial is already having a determinantal effect on the short term rental sector. While this enforcement of planning law has currently only been enforced in Dublin City, the effects of this new planning restriction, if not addressed soon could spread nationwide. This will in turn lead to choice restrictions on tourists who may reconsidering trips to Ireland if we cannot offer them flexibility, availability and choice. The Federation has contacted Minister Shane Ross to request a meeting to resolves the issue fairly.

2. Insurance Group Scheme

Insurance has been a hot topic for self-caterers in 2016 and 2017 is no different. Members are reporting of increasing rates and policies which are not fit for purpose leaving claimants exposed in their time of need. ISCF is currently working with a number of insurance brokers to decide which insurance company fits the Irish self-catering market best. In the coming weeks, we hope to invite you to join an purpose built insurance group scheme to get the most suitable cover at the best rates.
The ISCF, together with our independent trade partner Phoenix Claims, have put together points covering the common pitfalls of insurance cover to be taken under consideration. Phoenix Claims have offered to review members policies free of charge. Contact the ISCF office for more details (047) 32042.

3. TV licences

Previously the ISCF lobbied for fairer regulation covering TV licence requirement for holiday lets. The Irish Self Catering Federation’s members range from single property owners to group schemes and blocks of apartments. We are not accepting the double standards between hotels requirements and holiday lets was to be addressed in the Broadcasting charge proposals. As we have seen no change on the matter, ISCF once again is working on members behalf to improve condition for the sector. Clarification is required for those operating with multiple units ranging from 2 to 800 properties owned by the same person or registered business. We are looking for definitive answers on when TV license short term let covered under the Hotel Licensing Act.

Recently one of our ISCF members had some concerns about the PSRA which governs all Property Services Providers (PSPs). These are persons involved either in:

  1. The purchase or sale, by whatever means, of any estate or interest in land (including buildings) wherever situated;
  2. The auction of private property other than land;
  3. The letting of any estate or interest in land wherever situated;
  4. The provision of property management services.
  5. The regulatory environment provides for a comprehensive licensing system covering all PSPs.

The query raised by the ISCF member was whether self-catering holiday rental accommodation falls under the PSRA and if people renting these properties need to hold a PSRA license.

The ISCF contacted the PSRA on behalf of our members and the response was as follows;

Section 3(1)(l) of the Property Services (Regulation) Act 2011 provides:

3.—(1) This Act shall not apply to—

(l) a property service consisting solely of a short-term letting to a person where such letting—

(i) does not exceed or is unlikely to exceed 8 consecutive weeks, and

(ii) is for bona fide tourism or other leisure purposes,

Members of your association who own holiday homes don’t need a license as they are the owners. Regarding agents who act solely on behalf of holiday home owners providing the rental service for their properties. They do not need a license to do the lettings as long as the letting meets the criteria set down in Section 3(1)(l) of the Act.