Lobbying and representation

Representation nationally

Cottage and holiday home owners are important providers of tourist accommodation in Ireland and have welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors to Ireland over the decades.

Members are represented at national level in matters of tourism policy with organisations such as Fáilte Ireland, Tourism Ireland and ITIC, (Irish Tourist Industry Confederation).

Lobbying on issues such as water charges, commercial rates and TV licences and proposed changes to the Tourism Traffic Act are just some of the key areas where the ISCF has made representation to Government.

Representation at a European level

Be represented when key tourism industry decisions are being made. Proactive lobbying, both nationally and in Europe at a time when it is essential that we keep the pressure on to ensure that our self- catering sector is treated fairly and that consultative processes are engaged in to reflect the state of our industry.

ISCF is a member of the European Holiday Homes Association (EHHA). The EHHA are the European representative body for all self- catering federations in Europe and lobby in Brussels on behalf of all the representative bodies on issues that affect the day to day operations of all self-catering providers no matter how big or small.

January saw the introduction of monthly conference calls between EHHA Trade Associations members and close ties continue to be developed. Many of the issues faced by property owners in Ireland are common across Europe and we have benefited greatly from the experience, benchmarking and knowledge sharing from other associations, starting with Scotland last year and this has been extended to the wider European  community.