ISCF warns that Government Plans will Devastate Self-Catering Operators

Release Date and Time 14/11/2023 at 9am


ISCF warns that Government Plans will Devastate Self-Catering Operators


 The Irish Self-Catering Federation (ISCF) conference will hear urgent calls for action to stop government plans that will devastate self-catering operators.


The Irish tourism sector is going to be dealt another devastating blow if the government follows through on its ill-thought-out plans regarding the regulation of the short-term rental (STR) market.  The ISCF has been asking for a register of short-term rental properties for many years.  Unfortunately, the government has been short sighted in its strategy to implement a fair, reasonable, and balanced approach to achieving this goal.


ISCF CEO and self-catering operator Máire ní Mhurchu said, “Self-catering businesses are the backbone of the rural Irish tourism economy, but the government is determined to close down operators all over the country by insisting on planning permission for all properties – in the full knowledge that Councils won’t grant it.


“This is a deplorable way to treat small family businesses all over Ireland. It will devastate their businesses and livelihoods. What is needed instead is a clear vision for the growth of a sustainable self-catering sector, protection of existing operators and clear and simple planning guidelines for new entrants – that are achievable.


“The government  Housing for All policy is the only show in town with no allowance for tourism businesses, despite Housing for All calling for a balance that also protects tourism. To date we have already seen long established Self-Catering businesses in urban areas closed by the regulations governing Rent Pressure Zones (RPZs). These are real people who are affected.


“Existing operators have been in business long before planning permission was ever needed. There must be a derogation to allow these operators to continue. This is at a time when the Government has contracted over 35% of tourism beds in hotels and STR on hotel grounds across rural Ireland. Tourism will not survive removing more beds.


“Our conference will demand that the Government wakes up and listens to self-catering operators and rural communities. The Minister for Tourism needs to do her job and represent tourism families and tourism businesses all over Ireland. At EU Level the Register for STR will be legislated for in Brussels on 15/11.


As a result, the Irish Self-Catering is holding its most important ever Conference for the STR industry in Dublin on Tuesday 14//11/2023. The serious topics of the day are “The future of the Self-Catering industry” and “Legislation proposed by the Irish Government”. The tourism infrastructure across Ireland has crumbled and now the Dept of Housing wants to close down Self-catering all over Ireland. The Tourism Eco-System in Ireland is completely out of balance as accommodation at Dublin hotels are amongst the most expensive in the EU.




  • The ISCF conference will take place at 10am on Tuesday 14th November at the Clayton Hotel, Liffey Valley
  • The ISCF is 21 years representing the owners of self-catering businesses both small family businesses and marketing agent in Ireland.
  • The ISCF has called for a register for short term rentals (STR) for many years and supports government plans to do so


Further details on the ISCF conference:

  • A competition for the best Self-Catering businesses was held with awards as best Heritage property, Family friendly, Sustainable, Pet Friendly, Luxury and best Business or Agency in Self-Catering.
  • Viktorija Molnar Sec-Gen of the EHHA will open the Conference and hear how damaging RPZ regulations are amongst the most punitive in the EU
  • Sean Kelly MEP will speak on the importance of EU legislation for the sector and that the  Data Sharing Economy at EU Level has given transparency and details on the economic value of Self-Catering.
  • Fiona Campbell of ASSC in Scotland will discuss how rushed reform in Scotland has closed led to many operators closing because of prohibitive costs of local licensing rules



Attached is the program for the day and contact Daisy at   for tickets and details of the winners of competition.   To organize to talk to one of the speakers contact Geraldine at  086-1785654.