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Press Release. 

Irish Self Catering Federation – Register for Short-Term Rentals

Release date 20/06/2022

In response to Airbnb’s press release on Commitment to Enforce Rules 20/06/22 the ISCF would like to respond as the National Federation for STR. The Irish Self-Catering Federation have been calling for a register for the sector since 2017. As the National representative body, the ISCF has had discussions with the Dept of Tourism, Dept of Housing on the register. We are delighted that Failte Ireland has been appointed as the Register for Short Term Rental (STR) by the Irish Government and given funding in the 2021 budget to support this work.  At EU level the ISCF is involved with the EHHA (European Holiday Homes Association) and only last week we called for the EU Commission to publish their regulatory legislation on STR which was due to be published in Q2 of 2022. The ISCF represent owners of over 4500 properties in the Irish market, mostly in rural areas at present.



To ensure consumer have the best experience the ISCF has during Covid completed 2 initiatives both launched last November.


1.The development of an ISCF Quality Assurance System for Self-Catering, as approved by Failte Ireland. This visual inspection and ethos will have to be accepted by all who want to join the ISCF.

2.Developed a website for direct booking by consumer which allows guests to have the best value in accommodation. No commission or extra charges are included in such bookings.


Máire ni Mhurchú Chairperson of the ISCF stated ‘Self-Catering holidays have been part of the Irish tourism landscape for over 100 years. Great self-catering holiday homes all over rural Ireland run and managed to give a great quality holiday experience. Every 2 vacation homes are equal to 2 jobs in rural areas, and we would be delighted if we could also offer the same Quality Assured Accommodation in Urban areas for people here on business, for medical treatment, or for a concert or family break all want quality Self-Catering accommodation, which as very limited legally available in urban areas due to RPZ.” The ISCF welcomes property owners to join the Federation as we work towards a register implementation later this year. We are also delighted to work with communities and businesses to develop best quality. The Self-Catering Eco System was developed to show how the industry supports and is part of local communities all over Ireland, and the OTAs are just a sales channel.


There are many Online Travel Agents (OTA’s) who have entered the market unchallenged in the past 10 years. Airbnb is just one of them, but with the backing of large funding from their US base they seem to have taken over the narrative. Just like all other OTAs they charge a margin of 15-25% on the rates property owners charge. They need to give clear details of where properties are to be found, adhere to clear National standards for Quality, Safety and Public Liability Insurance   and pay tax on money earned locally.

In response to Airbnb’s press release we would like to state that


1 A plan for a Register in development in in train and will be in place by the end of 2022. The ISCF has send details of each members property to Failte Ireland recently, with clear data, as all our members are legitimate.  The Register in Portugal has had a 98% acceptance and their tourism sector is now booming.

2 Community led Tourism – Self-Catering needs to be more professional, have standards throughout the country. Owners need to be open with neighbours on when they offer STR accommodation. The ISCF represents the professionals in the market owners, agents and community groups who run self-catering properties. We are not talking about an occasional sharing of a home, which Airbnb claim is the largest part of their business.

3 Noise and Nuisance – There are many new tools to deal with Noise and nuisance and the National Federation in Spain has worked with the city of Barcelona to bring in standard for STR. We will have some of these control measures on view at our Conference on 19/10/22 in Dublin

4 Partnering with Government – the ISCF partners with Government on the following levels, Failte Ireland Tourism Advisory Forum, Tourism and Hospitality Forum, Shared Island Forum and as a member of ITIC. At EU level we are in members of the EHHA and feed views and information on Ireland to the commission on the legislation being developed on STR and the Digital Economy.

5 Support for Refugees and those in Domestic Violence – at a Recent Failte Ireland advisory meeting it was shown that 8 Airbnb properties were used to house refugees to date, though the number of Self-Catering units were in the 100’s.,


In 2019 a previous Minister for Housing introduced the RPZ’s in urban areas, banning short term rental in these areas, unless the owners had planning permission. The majority of our members in the Dublin area were closed down at this stage, causing an unbalanced accommodation offering in the city which allows the hotels to charge the rates they do. The RPZ crept over mostly urban areas in the following 2 years, so it now covers 50 local electoral areas. We are seen at EU level as a country whose STR legislation is not working, and we look forward to Guidelines on the implementation of RPZ’s from the Dept of Housing. We call for a clear development plan for the STR sector which is the first choice of 80% of consumers in 2022 and this will continue for the remainder of the decade.


There are great self-catering holiday homes all over rural Ireland run and managed to give a great quality holiday experience. Every 2 vacation homes are equal to 2 jobs in rural areas, and we invite all owners to join at


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