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Hashtags for Self-Catering

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The ISCF aims to support members with information and content to increase your bookings. The guideline below is for members so you can increase visibility and bookings in 2022.

What are Hashtags and Why Important?

Wild Atlantic Way Galway

Best views of Ireland

* Posts with hashtags get 12.5% more engagement than posts without hashtags

* The more recent posts using hashtags will be shown as the first search results

* Turn posts can be discovered more easily and you can reach a wider audience

* Branded Hashtags encourage user-generated content and sharing

  • Can go viral through sharing – like word-of-mouth
  • Can use the Logos from Self-Catering as Hashtags and say you are a member and who – shows you are serious about business.
  • Videos get a better reach – it may be a video of the site outside your house, drone footage, or the birds singing in trees… all simple to do. But make sure your details are at the end of the post (place- village/Town and County, Tourism Region, Sleep no, email Contact)
Best in Mayo

Achill Island walking when staying on a Self-Catering holiday.


Have a theme per month for Social Media and build up stock over a year. This is a Guide only for themes, make your own list and put it on the notice board. Build up your stock of images and information to repeat and sell what the area has to offer as well as the Self-Catering house.


January Get Booking for  holidays ( start 26/12!) July Best Views to see Near me
February Festivals and Fun August Family Fun
March Spring is Here Sept Food of the Region
April Nature October Off-Season bookings – Digital Nomads
May Animals of my area November Plan for Christmas – Decor,
June Activities near me December Support other Businesses in Areas  – and ask for support back


How Many Hashtags? 

Best in Cork

Gourgane Forrest Park, West Cork

* The number of Hostages caries on the type of post and social media

* Have a hashtag with 20-24 characters rather than shorter ones as prefer better

* Capitalize every individual word to #LetsGoSelfCatering – to make it easier to read

* Jump on Trending Topics – Green Bottom from Tourism Ireland. – even a photo

worth a green button!

  • Share a theme per month – this is a guide only and add your own theme’s



Number of Hashtags
Facebook Older People view Facebook – don’t rely on it!

Max 4#

1-3 images and description as well as # below

Do 1-2 a week and link to the Instagram page. Re-posting other social media gives reach- so share other Self-Catering owners’ posts.

Instagram Younger viewers – great to post images and stories

NO more than 30# per post.  ( magic number is 11 # per post),

No more than 10#  per story

Get the Children to set this up over Christmas. 1-3 great photos and put plenty of tags on each post.

Linkedin IF you have a business page attached to your personal Linkedin Profile – can post about the area, what to do in the area, awards won and benefits staying with you. More a business focus for larger companies. Pack profile with information about your property and – don’t repeat a word if you can. Link to Maire Linkedin for ISCF as Example

Use 3-4 # or add the Twitter @ to the post as well as the person name. Can write a long post. But a short paragraph and Photo is best.

Twitter If you use Twitter – add your  @  and 2-4 more in the post. Used mostly by Journalists and Politicians, and local LEO




Best in Donegal

Donegal has 15 Blue Flag Beaches

* Link your Instagram to Facebook to get further reach

* Link your Instagram to Facebook to get further reach

* Check out your competitor’s Hashtags

*Check out your audience’s Hashtags

* Keep a list of relevant hashtags sorted by topics

* Find related hashtags

* Keep track of hashtag performance – use Insta Insights

* Try to mix high volume hashtags with specific ones

* Go picture specific – describe it with hashtags

* Don’t forget holiday-related ones! #Christmas

* Some hashtags might be false friends, double-check for alternate meaning

* Check out your competitor’s Hashtags


Suggested Hashtags for You

#LetsGoSelfCatering #GreenButton #HolidayHomeIReland
#Self Catering Visit IReland #BestSelfCatering
#Vacation Rental #HolidayIreladn #BestViewIreland
#Holiday Home Discover Ireland #FamilyHoliday
#ShortTermRental #(Torusm Region)HolidayHome #(County)SelfCatering
#PrivateHOuse #(Village/Town) SelfCaatering #FamilyFunHolidays
#Sleeps6(Region) #GroupsSelfCatering #BestBeaches/ Lakes
#DogFriendlyHoliday #(TourismArea -Iinshowen)HolidayHOme #BreakfastWithView
#FamilyHoliday #BestPicnic #BestLocalFoods
#IrishTourism #MakeMemories #Best (Cottage/Lighthouse)Holiday


Remember the Social Media Links for the ISCF and LetsGoSelfCatering are as follows- so link in and we link in with members. Message when wanting a post on the site(s) and Special offers on the following page. IF you want to boost it spreads very well -but only 24 hours or more after the post is put up. We do not recommend adding your phone no to the information – as more likely get nuisance calls.

Social Media Links for the Irish Self-Catering Federation

Social Media Name Link
Facebook Irish Self-Catering  Federation https://www.facebook.com/HolidayHomesIreland
LetsGoSelfCatering https://www.facebook.com/LetsGoSelfCatering
Instagram Letsgoselfcatering https://www.instagram.com/letsgoselfcatering/?hl=en
Twitter @ISCFederation https://twitter.com/ISCFederation
@LetsGoSelfCatering https://twitter.com/letsgoselfcater
Linkedin ISCF Irish Self Catering Federation https://www.linkedin.com/company/10361668/admin/


Competitions  for Self-Catering Owners

Holiday Homes Ireland

Self-Catering Holiday Homes, Ireland.

Set up a competition with another business ( shop, restaurant, pub, Activity provider) and share with the ISCF and local tourism body to get maximum coverage.

The best time to run a competition is in the offseason when people are looking to Holidays doing the coming year.

Link in with local festivals and events as well.

Remember you can offer a discount rather that a full winning completion. This will increase your reach – especially if you say a post has to be shared and 2 people copied in.

#[YourBusiness]Win #ShareAndWin #Last MInuteDeal
#Competition #Giveaways #FlashSale
#Win # (your BUsiness) Giveaway #Promoition
#CompetitionTime #PromotionalPrice #SummerSale
#Competitionday #PromotionsDay #(Region -WAW)Promotion
#ContestAlert # (County)Competition #DigitalNomadCompetition
#BestSelfCatergin #FamilyCompetition

The LetsGoSelfCatering social media can also be used for members (0nly) to promote their competitions – just fill in the form and send details and images to the office.

info@iscf.ie. | Mob: +353 86 1785654

Let us know what you think of this information sheet for Self-Catering members, and any other topics you would like dealt with.

Best of Kerry

Valentia Island, Co Kerry has lots to see and do.

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