Any business which offers a bed for rent for 1-21 night is in the short-term industry.
Types of Accommodation:
Boat hire where accommodation is provided,
Bed and Breakfast, or places hiring a bedroom only.
Self-Catering includes the following:
Heritage buildings
Log cabins
Shepherd’s huts
Student apartments in summer.
Caravan and Camping where accommodation units are rented ,
Hotels, accommodation on hotels grounds.

Due to Rent pressure zone legislation most urban areas in Ireland have limited Short term rental accommodation in urban ares in Ireland.

Under Short Term legislation in IReland you can let your primary residence for up to 90 days without planning permission. The maximum number of consecutive days you can rent the house for is 14 days or less per booking.

The 90 day rule refers to the principle Primary residence only and this is covered by the 90 day rule above.

In Irish law at present you can rent for over 14 days, but at a certain stage it becomes a longterm rental. Details are changing so contact the ISCF office for most up to date information.