EU Parliament accept Register for Short-Term Rental Today

Press Release

Release Date and Time 16/11/2023 at 10am

EU Parliament accept Register for Short-Term Rental Today


The EU Council and Parliament reached an agreement to introduce the Register for STR today, bringing more clarity and transparency to the tourism Ecosystem.  At the Irish Self-Catering Conference on 14/11/223 in a debate on Legislation for Short Term Rental (STR) all speakers were in agreement that the Register was essential in Ireland, as there is no clear data on the accommodation in this sector. The Register for STR Bill will do the following in each EU country:

–  Put in place a National Register for STR in each country.  Failte Ireland has been designated as the Single Entry Point for data from Individual STR with reporting every 3 months. Platforms will have to report every month.

– The EU will have a central entry point for Data collection point and information will be exchanged on the data collected.

– Countries have 24 months to adopt the Register Nationally.


To ensure the adoption of the Register for STR in Ireland, it is imperative that legislation introduced is balanced, proportionate, fair and can accommodate certain situations.  The EU statement states that Register  ‘is limited to the creation of an easy-to-use registration system with common provisions for establishing registration procedures and is not intended to regulate access to the market on these activities’.  Therefore the ISCF calls on the Government to give a Derogation on Planning for all existing STR, outside the high density urban areas.  In high density urban areas a simple change of use planning for existing STR who are already in business.  A new ‘Tourism Lets Sector’ in Planning legislation for properties which do not meet today’s building regulations, but suited to short-term rental to include heritage buildings, renovated farm buildings, glamping, log cabins, tree houses in addition to the existing STR businesses.

Responding to the announcement Máire Ní Mhurchú CEO of the ISCF said ‘We welcome the Register for STR legislation but the lack of clarity on planning is a serious block to implementation. The ISCF calls for an immediate removal of the Rent Pressure Zones Legislation, which have caused serious damage to the tourism eco-system in Ireland with the price of hotel bed nights spiraling upwards.’


There is a complete lack of data on the number of beds in the industry in Ireland, the CSO needs to gather data on Self-catering in all its forms separately from hotel beds, as this is an essential part of the rural economy. We need a better tourism policy which will allow for development of more STR beds in Ireland, bringing economic and sustainability to many rural areas of Ireland .


 Further Details of the ISCF Conference 2023


  • Took Place on 14/11/2023 in Liffey Valley Hotel Dublin with a wide range of owners of STR discussing the proposed legislation.
  • The ISCF has called for a Register for STR for many years and supports government plans to do so.
  • Speakers included Viktirija Molnar Sec-Gen EHHA, Sean Kelly MEP, Fiona Campbell of ASSC Scotland
  • The ISCF is 21 years representing the owners of self-catering businesses both small family businesses and marketing agents in Ireland.
  • Awards were given for the best Self-Catering businesses with best Family friendly, Sustainable, Pet Friendly, Heritage property, Luxury and best Business in Self-Catering were presented



Attached is the program for the day and contact Daisy at  087 178 5654 for details of the winners of competition.   To organise to talk to CEO Máire ní Mhurchú contact at  087.3306306



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