Copywrite Imagery Use

Copyright and Data Protection Agreement for Contributing Imagery Form for ISCF

The definition of an image: a Photography, audio, digital recording will hereafter be referred to as imagery in this document.

In simple terms before submitting any imagery, you must be able to prove that:
A) The identifiable person in this photograph understands and know that this photograph will be shared with the Irish Self-Catering Federation, Tourism Ireland and tourism related businesses and any other businesses for the promotion of tourism in Ireland, particularly self-catering.
B)  You have the permission from the person who took the imagery to share it with us for the purposes as outlined in the table below:

Social and Digital Media Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, User Generated Content, LinkedIn, Spotify, TikTok, Snapchat, our websites, and any social/digital platforms.
Media International, national, regional, local media (TV broadcast, online, print)
Publications Annual reports or policy documents
Ireland Content Pool The imagery may be shared with tourism related businesses, journalistic outlets both domestically and internationally and for the third parties’ own tourism related commercial purposes.

Agreement DATED [dd/mm/yyyy] is for individuals granting permission to the Irish Self-Catering Federation having its principal place of business at 18 Sruth Mhuillean, Durrus, Bantry, Cork (hereinafter called ISCF which expression shall include its sub-licensees, assignees, and successors in title) to use the Imagery Contribution as set out below:

1. GRANT  
A)  [Individual/business/company/organisation name] (“the Licensor”) hereby irrevocably and absolutely grant to the ISCF with effect from thedate signed   an exclusive, royalty free,  perpetual license to do any and all of the following things in relation to our Imagery Contribution
B)  To use display or publish the Imagery in any format [including commercial, personal, non-profit, or editorial projects involving advertising, promotion, print media, web site publication, social media or broadcast].
C)  The right to alter or change the Imagery in any way and to pass on the Imagery to third parties for their use.
D)  The rights hereby granted by the Licensor may be exercised by the Irish Self-Catering Federation in any part of the world.

The Licensor represents and warrants that it owns all intellectual property rights in and to the Imagery Contribution and that the Imagery are original/none of the images have been previously published or licensed exclusively and that no intellectual property or personal data rights of any third party will be infringed by the ISCF’s use of the Imagery Contribution. The Licensor declares that all necessary permissions and consents have been obtained and undertakes that the ISCF will not be held responsible for any failure to obtain all necessary clearances and consents prior to the completion of this Agreement.

A)   the Licensor has not previously assigned, licensed or granted any other right to any person to use the copyright or other rights or any part thereof in the
B)  The Licensor will provide to the Irish Self-Catering Federation the Imagery in either digital or non-digital format in the manner set out in the attached Schedule either prior to or simultaneously with the execution of this Deed.

A.  The Irish Self-Catering Federation represents that it has satisfied itself as to the suitability, fitness for purpose and utility of the
B.  The Licensor acknowledges that the ISCF shall have the ability to change, alter or amend the imagery and shall only where reasonably practical credit the Licensor in association with the
C.  This Agreement shall be governed by Irish law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish courts.

    Clearly Describe Any Restrictions

    Duly Authorised Official on behalf of [individual/business/company/organisation name]