• VIDA – VAT in the Digital Age.

    Who is Imposing ViDA Vat The  EU Commission published a draft document on 8/05/2024 on “Value Added Tax (VAT in the Digital Age (ViDA)” The proposal was first introduced by the EU commission in 12/2022, with a single VAT registioatn system across the EU. There would be one EU Vat Registration system with all money […]

    21 June 2024

    What is is Short term renta in Ireland? Self-Catering is under pressure, with increase of areas of Rent Pressure Zones. What new legislation in Ireland and EU to deal with all types STR. Importance of Quality Assurance for STR. SELF-CATERING UNDER PRESSURE The updated Guidelines for Planners and Owners of Self-Catering in Ireland from the […]

    11 September 2023