• STR Legislation in Ireland and EU 2024

    Legislation in Ireland June 2024   The EU has brought in the Register for STR Bill at Eu level in March in the EU Parliament, and it passed its final stages on approval on 19/05/2024. Each country within the EU has to have a Register for STR within 24 months of this date. The aim […]

    24 June 2024
  • VIDA – VAT in the Digital Age.

    Who is Imposing ViDA Vat The  EU Commission published a draft document on 8/05/2024 on “Value Added Tax (VAT in the Digital Age (ViDA)” The proposal was first introduced by the EU commission in 12/2022, with a single VAT registioatn system across the EU. There would be one EU Vat Registration system with all money […]

    21 June 2024

    In Ireland, the media silly season is in full swing with stories about Airbnb on all media, who seem to have forgotten that Self-catering as an industry has been part of the Irish tourism accommodation offering for generations. Since 2019 the Rent Pressure Zones ( RPZ) legislation has been brought in many urban areas. They […]

    11 September 2023
  • Ireland’s STR is Crumbling due to Government Legislation

    The Self-catering sector in Ireland is crumblind due to Government Legislation in the past 4 years. Details from Eurostat show bookings for short-term rental (STR) accross the EU have reduced in urban areas, with Dublin haivng greatest drop in bookings.

    05 July 2023
  • Proportionate ‘Lisbon style’ regulation of self-catering sector to be welcomed.

    There were newspaper article titled ‘Short Term Gains from AirBnB costs rental Market in the long run’.  The ISCF as the National representative body for self-catering/ short-term rental  was not consumed about this article. Peter Downey, Chair of the Planning Committee of ISCF issued the following statement.   ‘The Irish Self-Catering Federation (ISCF) welcomes recent […]

    26 August 2021