Statutory obligations under The Tourist Traffic Acts

Although ISCF doesn’t require its members to be registered with Failte Ireland, there are certain circumstances where self-caterers are obliged to register to with Failte Ireland under statutory law. The following excerpt taken from the Failte Ireland site will help guide you regarding your statutory obligations.

  • Am I required to register with Fáilte Ireland?

Under The Tourist Traffic Acts (1939-2011) businesses which use certain prescribed terms (see attached) to describe themselves must register with Fáilte Ireland. These are known as the Statutory Accommodation sectors, which include: ▪ Hotels ▪ Guest houses ▪ Holiday Hostels ▪ Youth Hostels ▪ Caravan & Camping Parks ▪ Self-Catering (8 Units or more on one site) ▪ Holiday Camp Tourism accommodation.

Based on this, when these two considerations are met, Failte Ireland registration is required;

  1. The number of self-catering units on one site is equal or greater than 8 units on one site


  1. The one of the prescribed terms are used to describe your self-catering business

Use of Prescribed Terms in the Tourist Traffic Acts (LINK)

The Tourist Traffic Acts (1939-2011) specify that where certain terms are used to describe tourist accommodation, the proprietor using those terms must register with Fáilte Ireland. Registration may also require compliance with whatever current regulations are in force for that tourist accommodation sector.  The Acts require Fáilte Ireland to maintain a public register of proprietors using the prescribed terms. For further information please contact

Prescribed terms listed in the Acts;

1) Hotel (Tourist Traffic Act,1939)

2) Guest house or Guesthouse (1939)

3) Holiday Hostel (1939)

4) Youth Hostel (1939)

5) Holiday Camp (1939)

6) Motor Hotel (Tourist Traffic Act 1957) and also

  1. a) as a motel, b) as a coach hotel, c) as a motor inn, d) as a motor court, e) as a tourist court

7) Caravan sites & camping sites (Tourist Traffic Act 1966)

  1. a) caravan park, b) caravan camp, c) caravan centre, d) caravan estate, e) caravan court, f) caravantel, g) camping park, h) camping centre, i) camping estate, j) camping court, k) autocamp

8) Holiday Cottages (1970 amendment of 1939 Tourist Traffic Act Act)

  1. a) approved holiday cottage, or holiday cottage
  2. b) approved holiday house, or holiday house
  3. c) approved holiday home, or holiday home
  4. d) approved holiday villa, or holiday home

9) Holiday Apartments (Tourist Traffic Act 1983)

  1. a) tourist apartment,
  2. b) aparthotel
  3. c) holiday flat

10) Where the premises registered in any register have been graded, any grade other than the one allotted (Tourist Traffic Act 1939).

(Prescribed terms taken directly from Failte Ireland website, 2017)

Renewal Deadlines for Fáilte Ireland Approved Accommodation

Statutory Sectors – Hotels, Guest Houses, Holiday Hostels, Youth Hostels, Holiday Camps, Caravan & Camping, Holiday Cottages and Holiday Apartments: 15 October 2017 is the renewal deadline for the statutory sectors to renew their Fáilte Ireland Quality Assurance for 2018.

Listed Sectors – Irish Home Bed & Breakfasts, Historic Houses, Failte Ireland Welcome Standard, Individual Self Catering Cottages and Apartments: 11 September 2017 is the renewal deadline for the listed sectors to renew their Failte Ireland Quality Assurance for 2018.

To ensure your accommodation is renewed for 2018 approval, please complete the online renewal form by visiting  All eligible operators should have received an email with details of the renewal process, along with instructions on how to Sign In to Fáilte Ireland’s trade portal. Once in the portal you will be able to enter your details, update them, and pay. If you have any difficulties you can contact the Fáilte Ireland Quality Assurance Team at 1890 697000 or by emailing:

For renewal queries contact Linda Campbell (

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