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The Irish Self Catering Federation has partnered recently with Retail Merchant Services (RMS) as our preferred payment solution and would like to share the offer they’ve given to us with all of our members.

The challenging and uncertain times Covid-19 has created in the last 18+ have left most of us at a loss.

Best Payment System

Payment System for Self-Catering Owners

However, an opportunity to Maximise Revenue and take payments has been made easy with a selection of payment solution RMS provide.    RMS has put this special offer together for our Members.

Considerations for a Payment System

You can have a Management system, or a Marketing company and take payments directly as well, depending on the links on your website. Note – the Booking link you use will affect how you get payments and bookings

A Management System – management systems such as Supercontol to manage your booking and payment system. This is very useful if you have multiple properties to manage. 

 A Marketing Company – Get a Portal such as Airbnb, VBRO, or Booking .com to take payments. These companies charge the customer and most will also charge the property owners for the service – which may be a total of 20% more expensive for the customer 

Stripe Only – Choose to manage payments using Stripe at 3.95% on all payments.

Best Payment SYstem for SME

Credit Card Terminal for Payment

 Payments with an App -Choose to take payments with the help of an App – using Stripe and a system Splink  (link) which will take payments and make refunds. Both systems will take over 3% for the service adding up to over 6.5% from your earnings. 

RMS Payment System – The Self-Catering Federation has just partnered with this payment system, as for direct payments this is the cheapest way for Self-Catering  SME Micro-businesses to accept payments online. It can be linked to your e-commerce website, to a virtual terminal, to a Phone link, or have all facilities. A Special offer for Self-Catering members is available until the end of November to celebrate our new website.

Special Offer For ISCF Members




Plan 1

Terminal €9.95 p/m – fixed


Special Offer:

E-commerce – Free

Virtual Terminal / Payment links – Free with

E-commerce (Web Page Payments)

Terminal Payments:

Credit Cards – 0.79%

Debit Cards – 0.31%


Flat rate of €0.79% on:


-Virtual Terminal

-PBL (Pay By Link)

Plan 2

E-commerce & VT Free

Flat rate – 0.79%

Plan 3

Virtual Terminal (-VT) + Pay By Link (PBL) €12.50 p/m

Important details!

  • Terminal – Actual Card payment via terminal – Make payment via Card, Phone & Watch. Tap max €50
  • E-Commerce – Taking payment from the website
  • Virtual Payments – Take payments via
  • Phone, email, etc.
  • PBL (payment button/weblink)

On any social media /online correspondence / electronic invoices.

Funds banked at 9 pm next

  morning if taken before 6.30 pm!

*Terminal works on:

  • Blue tooth
  • WiFi
  • Sim Card – On all networks

*12 Month contract

*Quarterly payments

Bonus: your monthly charges can be redeemed in your taxes.


If you wish to avail of the RMS Payments System please contact Daisy at for an email with a Special offer link for Self-Catering Owners. The winter month are the best time to make changes to the Payments System so can take Direct bookings and give the best value to Customers.

Best SME Online Payment System

Best way to manage payments for Holiday Homes

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