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Workactioners and Digital Nomads – What is the Difference?

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The expectation is that people stay in Self-Catering properties for 1-2 weeks holidays during the summer season. The sholder season is from March-May and September to early November with the winter months less heavily booked. Due to changes brough about by Covid-19 are people contacting the ISCF office asking for more longterm rental properties over the Shoulder and winter season for 2 weeks to 6months.

A list of members who are interested in long-term rental and this can be shared with customers. These customers  need to be treated differently to the regular short stay customers by Self-Catering owners. This trend will increase with more in 2021 into 2022 and beyond as people like to combine the opportunity to travel and also are able to work from any location. With the easing of lockdown and the view of Ireland as a safe location we will see more of these people in the coming years.  They  want to Tavel and work –  and there are 2 types Workationers and Digital Nomads.

Beach on Skellig Ring, Co Kerry


Workactioners are people who are more organised and have a steady income secured so can plan a monthly budget and like to be immersed in a location. Offer them details on what to see in the area, as well as the best local pubs and restaurants. These people may bring families with them, and plan to stay for up to 6 month, so children can learn a language or  single or mature couples who really get to know the country. They hire cars and want to see all of the country over time with immersive experiences. Workationers will stay for longer and have a longer lead in time to the rental of a property. They are also more demanding and need clear guidelines, but are valuable customers to Self-Catering owners in winter months. They are more more likely to rent out a house.  Put the Workactioner in contact with local businesses, hot desk areas and local businesses they may be able to do business with.


Digital Nomads  

Digital Nomadsare people who are more likely to jump on a plane and then work out the logistics of living in a country – so may contact you at short notice. They tend to book cheeper accommodation and and stay for a shorter time. Digital Nomads tend to stay for a shorter time, stay in apartments and choose economy over comfort. They are aiming to get the maximum experiences on a trip.



What do they Need.         

Eating the Long Grass in Ireland

As well as the accommodation these people need the following

  • A room to use as an office within a house or apartment.
  • a Good WiFi connection ( may ask the speed of the wifi)
  • A Desk. An office chair and a Printer are an optional extra’s
  • What owners need to Organise

These Workationers are the customers which we want to attract most to our self-catering properties. They get to know an areas, spend money in the local rural community and enjoy getting involved in local music, dance or food activities.  They will need answers to the following questions from owners :-

Best in Cork

Walk a country lane in West Cork

 * Suited to Winter Rentals – properties rented in winter months need to be adequately insulated, with good quality curtains and heat retention. Not suited to wooden cabins or glamping units!


* Cost  of Rental – Clear details on cost of longterm rental with discounts on rates. Owners need to plan rates for 2 weeks, per months and up to 6 months. If they have to get out of the house due to prior bookings they must be made aware of this at time of booking

  • Other Costs – A clear plan for cost of heating, electricity and wifi must be part of the package. If some wifi is free up to a certain limit this must be included in the cost – as you many be left with large bills, or wifi cut off if this is exceeded.
  • Terms and Conditions – A plan for change of linens, cleaning, and  inspection of the property by the owners must be agreed – so Terms and Conditions of Rental may be different to the normal rental agreement.
  • Heating and Lighting – There needs to be good quality insulation and heating in a house for winter months occupation. The cost of heating and lighting a house will vary from summer to winter and it must be clearly explained what is provided and the cost. If central heating – is it on a timer or charged per unit of oil used. If a stove or fireplace is provided – does it come with 1 bag of free turf /logs/coal and lighting materials or does this have to be ordered from the landlord. Also where can they pick up more heating materials.
  • Level of Privacy – people want to know the distance to the nearest villages and towns, as well as city’s. They want to know if its an individual property on its own grounds or part of a scheme.
  • What to Do in the Area– Make a list of what can be done in the area in winter months. Include the sites of the area and what can be dine in the winter months. This may include music in the local pub, learning Irish Dancing or language, art or other activities which may interest people.
  • Sheep on Achill Island

In  Conclusion

The Irish Self-Catering Federation will help owners and can even organise multiple places for people to stay in Ireland, especially if you are booked up for a short period of the rental request. We are here to facilitate these rentals where possible and recommend properties with the 3rd Party Quality Assurance to customers

Now having read this information the Irish Self-Catering Federation will be able to facilitate you if interested in this type of off-season rental for members. Contact to get on the list of members who are willing to take these Workactioners and Digital Nomads .  Here are some links which may be helpful for planning the trip to Irlenad to stay for a short or longer time or look at the Tourism Ireland site for ideas of what guests can do from your Irish Self-Catering holiday home. 

Wesxford Self-Catetering

Cottages in Wexford

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