What are Rent Pressure Zones in 2023 in Ireland

In Ireland, the media silly season is in full swing with stories about Airbnb on all media, who seem to have forgotten that Self-catering as an industry has been part of the Irish tourism accommodation offering for generations.


Planning Legisaltion

RPZ – New RPZ Zones and Whole County


Since 2019 the Rent Pressure Zones ( RPZ) legislation has been brought in many urban areas. They

are a blunt instrument that includes all rural accommodations in the electoral area. Within these areas, Short Term rental (STR)  is not permitted, under planning legislation. If an area is designated an RPZ then all those who wish to continue to offer STR accommodations must apply for planning, though most will not be given planning permission, under existing regulations.   For this reason, most STR owners have ignored the legislation, which gives them no right to continue in business.

The maps of Ireland below show the latest RPZ areas, with over 76% of housing in these regions.

Planning Legislation

Parts of County’s with some local attractions

We have linked them to some of the local festivals and events which take place in these regions. Have we left any out – please comment to let us know. The latest area to be added to the RPZ areas is the

Westport Electoral area in Co Mayo – another prime tourism destination on the Wild Atlantic Way.

Discussions on a better system have taken place for the last 1.5 yrs by the Irish Self-Catering Federation and  Dept of Housing. The EU Commission agrees with SME businesses on the arbitrary manner of the present legislation and paused a Register for STR which the Irish government linked to Planning for STR.   The ISCF wants those new Guidelines for Planners and Owners of STR published now.

Westport LEO  was added to the RPZ area on 29/06 and Ennis LEO, Co Kilkenny, Limerick and Waterford added on 30/08/2023.

Rent Pressure Zones Ireland 2023

If you own a Self-catering business – join the ISCF to get protection and advice on maintaining your business.

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