Media Coverage of Register for STR

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Media Coverage of  Register for STR in Ireland

REgister for STR

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The Irish Government announced a Short-Term Tourism Letting Register to be established through new legislation on 07/12/2022. The Press release invitation in Government Buildings was to the media only and not the industry affected. Present were Minister for Tourism  Catherine Martin, Minister for Housing Darragh or Brien, and Paul Kelly CEO of Failte Ireland who will administer the Register. The reaction to the Registration for STR (Short Term Rental) in Ireland was swift in the media with quite a lot of coverage and not all of it positive.


The Irish Self-Catering Federation is the National representative body for the STR


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(Short-term Rental) industry and has called for a Register for many years. This legislation with update the Tourism and Traffic Act of 1939, bringing all types of STR into the same legislative framework. The press conference seems to have been hijacked by the Minister for Housing, not understanding that we are a tourism offering, bringing domestic and international tourists to rural Ireland,  who enjoy our culture, music, visitor attractions, traditional pubs, activity providers, and restaurants. This all brings a very important income and economic viability to rural Ireland.  The RPZ legislation has closed down most  SME urban self-catering in the past 4 years, though the big STR business has flourished particularly in Dublin. If the ISCF representative had been invited to the Press Conference question no 1 would have been

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  • Where are the Guidelines for Planners and STR Owners in RPZ areas? These were asked for repeatedly in 2022.
  • What Planning Regulations will be imposed on STR which is already in business in RPZ areas and throughout the country?



Media Comments in December 2022

The Independent  – Daragh o Brian Minister for Housing was quite dominant in the press release stated ‘ In relation to the 2019 legislation to regulate short-term lettings in Rent Pressure Zones, Minister O’Brien’s spokesperson said “significant work” on the implementation and enforcement of the regulations has been undertaken by planning authorities.’   No such document or details have been forwarded to the ISCF, despite the Planning Bill being presented to the Dail on 14/12/2022.

The leads with ‘Cabinet approves new short-term let register aimed at bringing 12,000 properties back into use’

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The Examiner stated ‘ Airbnb and hosts face penalties if they fail to register short-term lets’.

The Mirror stated Up to “12,000 homes could be put back on long-term rental market as part of the new law”

The UK based online which comments on the international STR market stated ‘The Irish Government has approved the priority drafting of a registration scheme as part of the Short-Term Tourist Letting Bill and the publication of the General Scheme of the Bill.

The Irish Times article stated that ‘Cabinet papers show that Darragh O’Brien clashed with Minister Catherine Martin over the proposals and wanted them to be introduced without six month grace period”

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The has most details stating  ‘ 12,000 properties available through a new registration system for homes that are advertised for short-term lets through online platforms. Property owners who do not comply will face an initial penalty of €300, which could be increased to €5,000 in the district court, while online platforms could also face penalties of up to €5,000’

Local Newspapers carried articles on the Introduction of Legislation for STR

Limerick Leader ‘New law requiring registration of all short-term lets in Ireland may be enacted in 2023′

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Kildare Live stated in its headline stated ‘New law requiring registration of all short-term lets in Ireland may be enacted in 2023′. In an article in Irish Times a TCD Law Lecturer stated that there are problems with Corporate lets of 21+ days, many build-to-rent developments appear fully leased with some tenants having multiple properties. The author noted that  ‘no one applied for the necessary planning permission’ – as this was due to fear of being turned down for planning.

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The ISCF is disappointed that Self-Catering accommodation, the most in-demand accommodation is under such threat as we face into 2023.  For Self-Catering owners throughout the country, we say Join us and help protect our industry.