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To become a member of Irish Self Catering Federation, you pay an annual subscription fee based on the number of properties owned or managed. This ranges from €80 for one property to a maximum of €500 for more than 27 properties.

One of the benefits of being a member of ISCF is the online booking site. If you would like to list your property on the ISCF marketing site,, there is no additional listing charge to members. However, bookings received through the site are subject to a 10.5% commission.

  • The site is enabled though SuperControl online booking system, the most ‘fully-featured self-catering solution on the market.’
  • Booking payments are processed via HolidayRentPayment.
  • The 10.5% commission covers the cost of running the LetsGo site, the SuperControl licence and maintenance fee and the HolidayRentPayment fee.

How to get started

Members can contact the office to request to be set up as a new property owner on LetsGo. You will be emailed your login details consisting of a user name and password. You can then add a new property under the ‘properties’ tab.

Property listings are managed by the owner, although help is available through the office. It is important to have up to date prices for at least 12 months in advance. Properties without up to date prices cannot be displayed on the site. Equally important is keeping your booking calendar updated to avoid guest disappointment.

If you receive a booking request via

You will receive an automated email and an optional text message notifying you about pending request. The email includes a link to the member’s section of the website where you have to login using your username and password. You will see a list of any ‘unconfirmed bookings‘, click the booking ref. number (blue number underlined). Review the details of the booking and select from the drop-down menu to ‘accept’ or ‘reject’ to convert a provisional booking into a confirmed booking. If you reject the booking you will be asked to provide a reason, note that this reason is for admin purposes and not sent to the guest.

If you accept the booking you will then be able to view the guest’s contact details. Bookings should be accepted as early as possible but owners do have the opportunity to ‘reject’ a booking if another booking has been accepted before the property calendar has been updated. The office will then try to find alternative accommodation for the guest. In this case, the owner will have no communication with the potential guest. LetsGo handles all the financials of the booking for the members.

Payments for Bookings

Bank details are only requested when an owner has their first booking on the site. These confidential details are saved only on the AIB online banking page to facilitate payments.

Booking payments are paid on twice every month on the 15th and 30th and within 15 days of the guests arrival. Payments are made less the 10.5% commission charged by ISCF. The description ‘LGSC Booking’ and the booking reference are used consistently for owner payments. An email statement will be sent to those members receiving booking payments.

Extras offered via

Booking Protect (more info)

Guests have an option to purchase insurance at the time of booking. Booking Protect refund protection provides guests with a guarantee that enables them to apply for a refund should they have to cancel their holiday for pre-defined, unforeseen reasons beyond their control. This agreement is directly between the guest and Booking Protect.

UpFront Reviews (link to LetsGo reviews)

UpFront Reviews is an independent verified reviews service for rental properties, available exclusively to SuperControl customers. It enables you to receive valuable feedback about your accommodation, and visitors can view genuine and authentic reviews before they book, helping them to decide where to stay. The verification process is rock solid as only the person who placed the booking is invited by email to submit a review. The only way to submit a review is via this email invitation. UpFront Reviews is part of SuperControl.

Other Information & Links

Failte Ireland approved

The ISCF is recognised by Failte Ireland as the representative trade alliance supporting self-catering in Ireland. However, it is no longer required by members to be registered with Failte Ireland to be members of the Federation and list on

Information on how to Update your prices & Allow short breaks
Link to Owner Login

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