Proportionate ‘Lisbon style’ regulation of self-catering sector to be welcomed.

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There were newspaper article titled Short Term Gains from AirBnB costs rental Market in the long run’.  The ISCF as the National representative body for self-catering/ short-term rental  was not consumed about this article. Peter Downey, Chair of the Planning Committee of ISCF issued the following statement.


‘The Irish Self-Catering Federation (ISCF) welcomes recent reports that self-catering regulations are imminent.   Over the past two years the ISCF has had many discussions with the Dept of Housing and Dept of Tourism about proportionate and fair regulation of our very important sector. It now appears that there are a comprehensive set of regulations coming down the track for those operating in the short term / self-catering market.

The proposed ‘Lisbon style’ licensing system has brought the entire self-catering sector in Portugal into the tourism framework, while taking into account the long term housing needs of the country.

In the drafting the new regulations, the ISCF encourages the Government and Minister of Housing to work with the Dept. of Tourism to strengthen Fáilte Ireland’s existing self-catering accommodation framework as a method of regulating the sector in a fair way.  .

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