ISCF Legislaiton Position November 2023

ISCF Position on Legislation

The ISCF Represents the Industry in Ireland at the National and EU table.


Register for STR

– We are in favor of a Register for STR – as will give clarity and data on the Irish Market – introduced in Q1 or 2  of 2024 by Irish Government.

– Register for STR at EU Level – passed 15/11 in EU Committee and before Parliament by 15/12/23 for approval and into every EU country – a register nothing else. *

–  Introduce a National Register in place in each country.  Failte Ireland has been designated as the Single-Entry Point for data from Individual STR with reporting every 3 months. Platforms will have to report every month.  EU will have a central entry point for Data collection point and information will be exchanged on the data collected.


Clarity on Data from CSO

There is a complete lack of data on the number of beds in the industry in Ireland, the CSO needs to gather data on Self-catering in all its forms separately from hotel beds, as this is an essential part of the rural economy, as well as Vacency. We need a better tourism policy which will allow for development of more STR beds in Ireland, bringing economic and sustainability to many rural areas of Ireland. At present the ITIC Postcard is the only clear tourism data.


ISCF Solutions on Planning

  1. 1. Tourism Accommodation Lets (TAL) – Setting up TAL’s that are exempt from planning & building regulations for all ISCF & Failte Ireland approved accommodation types is the solution. In rural areas a simple change of use planning for existing STR still in business. This is in reality Derogation for all existing STR Businesses – outside high-density urban areas. All such STR needs to have a Quality Assurance Certification before being approved.

In High Density Areas – a simple change of use planning for existing STR still in business.

 New Tourism Lets Sector in Planning which do not meet today’s building regulations but suited to short-term rental (heritage or historical buildings, old farm buildings, glamping, tree houses, log cabins, old castle or addition to existing STR business)

Regenerative Tourism Development – to replace stock lost to Government Contracts and stock loss post Covid.  – Agritourism development supported with farm diversification. New rural and coastal Schemes throughout Ireland in the next 5 years. Clear targets for development with areas such as Euro Velo, areas where international events take place specifically identified. Universal Design and inclusive development as part of offering wit grant funding.

Sustainable practices for Self-catering with Incentives

Other Requirements

Development of Specific Digital Supports for ISCF members linked to Smart Tourism Development for STR sector.


Housing For All

“Housing for All’ has been the government manta to detriment of the Tourism and Homelessness Sector. For Homeless the Government has set up the National Homeless Action Committee, Now need to give support to SME Rural Industry of Self-Catering.  In Ireland Planning is an issue,  we welcome the National Planning Framework  but RPZ areas been a disaster – the cost of hotels has risen to one of the highest in the EU. The rural areas have also been severely hampered in development of the sector. lack of tourists being put off  by high rates. Rent Pressure Zones – nearly 80% of housing in Ireland now.


All of County Dublin Meath Louth Wicklow
Limerick Kilkenny Waterford Limerick
Waterford Kildare Waterford
Part of Countys Cork – Cobh, Mallow, Fermoy Carrigaline, Macroom, Bandon/Kinsale Galway city, Abhenry, Oranmore
Town Portlaoise + Portarlinton Tullamore Gorey Killarney
Athlone, Mullingar Sligo + Strandhill Carlow Town Killarney


Meeting With Dept Housing / Tourism and Failte Ireland

At a recent meeting (1/11/2023 ) with the Dept of Housing and Dept of Tourism, a draft document was proposed to deal with the emphasis. The rural areas have also been severely hampered in development of the sector. The proposals from the Dept of Housing are for details on existing and development of STR as follows:-

*  Properties in Urban RPZ areas      * Properties in Rural RPZ areas – farm diversification etc.

*Properties outside RPZ areas – friendlier regime in rural areas.

The Dept Housing wants to publish General Guiding Principles for Planning in STR at same time as the Register for STR Bill – we have seen Draft Document outline. No more media diplomacy ( – where it was suggested that areas with 5000 would not need planning permission. What is definition of rural area? Is this and Geographic area and who decides on perimeter of area? Planning Permission not given for Glamping recently in Clare and Kerry

  • Stock of Group Holiday Homes in Ring of Kerry no longer available due to Government Contracts
No units No Beds Loss of Spend in Local Economy over 15 weeks + Loss local economy at 50% occupancy
Economic Value  based on 5.2 @house = 530 guests p wk 530 guests @ €250pwk x 15 wks 50% occupancy 530 Guests €250 pwk x 7.5
Economic Benefit to area I 102 Houses No beds     530 €198 Mil €0.99m €2, 970,000
Rental Income based on €800 per wk 1,224,000 €612,000 €1,836,000
Total Loss Total Loss €4,806,000


Loss of jobs in Restaurants, Activity providers, Visitor Attractions, Shops.   

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