VITUR STR Conference Malaga 2022


The Future of STR in Europe

STR Conference

Francisco de la Torre . Mayor of Malaga

Maire ni Mhurchu Chair of the ISCF attended the VITUR Summit in Malaga where the leaders of the STR ( Short Term Rental) industry met  EU national federations, Tech Companies, and Property Managers from Spain. Taking place in the Conference Centre  Palacio de Ferias y Congresos FYCMA, Malaga the Summit was opened by Francisco de la Torre Mayor of Malaga. The first talk was on the Future role of STR in European Travel with Eduardo Miranda, ALEP, Vitorija Molnar Sec General of EHHA, Eduardo Santander CEO of European Tavel Commission ( online) with Fiona Campbell ASSC as Moderator. 


 Eduardo Santander stated that the governance of tourism is changing and we are affected by other sectors such as aviation post-covid. Tourism flows are dependent on connectivity and we need to attract customers with value for business owners and customers alike.

STR Conference

The future role of STR in European Travel

  • The STR Development strategy is underlined by the need for Local Government wants to standardize and regulate STR. Short-term rental needs to develop strategies that will allow for development. 
  • People will be spending a more limited income on holidays and making choices Tourism should become more sustainable with a transformative community and make destinations stronger. The Portuguese market has many urban spaces but rural spaces are now more at a premium, which is more difficult to develop in Andalusia in Spain, due to the terrain. 
  • People want to stay in a place that feels safe and at home in rural areas rather than cities.  As a result, self-catering is doing better than other tourism sectors,
  • The fragmentation of rules across the EU makes business development more difficult as rules are not proportionate across countries. Data decisions need to be made to allow the sector to develop and become more agile. 
  • Short-term rental is now a mainstream pillar of tourism accommodation rather than marginal. 
  • Digitization of the industry will allow the diversity of the Short Term rental offering and makes the sector stronger. 

Statistics were presented showing that the ARD rate per bedroom has increased. 

People are staying for longer in rural areas and shorter times in urban areas, with a growth from 7 to 13 days stays in rural areas. Direct bookings will be higher, though and AirBnB are still the main OTA’s   in the EU market.

STR Conference

CEOs of National Federations meet at VITUR


The EHHA ( European Holiday Homes Association) Members had a  meeting of family federations. Viktorija Molnar Secretary-General of the EHHA met with

Patricia Vaenzuela, and Carlos Pérez-Lanzac of Spain, 

Marie Pistinier of France, 

Michelle Schwefel of Germany, 

 Stathis Karopoulos Greece, 

Maire ní Mhurchú Ireland,

Vitorija Molnar and Maire ní Mhurchú

Marco Celani of Italy,

Fiona Campbell and Riddle Graham of Scotland

Nuno Jorge Trigo and Eduardo Botelho Miranda of Portugal,

Legislation due at EU Level for the STR industry was discussed, which will hopefully standardize the requirements for the industry. 

There were many other discussions over the 2-day conference on the future of STR which has grown from strength to strength in the post-covid travel era, with all the changes in interests and demands. From apartments to more outdoor accommodation and luxury stays in the  STR market all have different requirements, with rural accommodation being most in demand. 


A Gala Dinner took place at Gibralfaro Castle. Cam. Gibralfaro, Málaga. This allowed for networking and meeting friends old and new in the Castle at the top of the hill overlooking the port of Malaga. The views, music, and company were spectacular. 


STR Conference

Meeting Friends at VITUR22 Gala Dinner

STR Conference

Carlos Pérez-Lanzac








The next VITUR summit takes place on 22 and 23 of June 2023 in Malaga. For any property group managers, owners of groups of properties, and agents this is the place to meet your European peers. 

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The Irish Self-Catering Office can be contacted at  353 86 178 5654 or

STR Conference

Palacio de Ferias y Congresos FYCMA

STR Conference

At Malaga Conference Centre, Spain

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