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Press release ‘EU Commission adopts a proposal for  Regulation of the Short Term Rental initiative’

Release Date :- 08/11/22 @ 1pm

Today the EU Commission published the long-awaited proposals for the adoption of a register for Short-Term Rentals. National bodies will have two years to adopt the necessary mechanisms.

The Commission noted that “short-term rentals are developing fast in the EU, largely boosted by the platform economy. They represent about one-quarter of all tourist accommodation in the EU and their number is increasing significantly across the EU. This trend was confirmed during the COVID crisis: the number of short-term rental bookings during the summers of 2020 and 2021 was above the equivalent 2018 levels. In addition, the number of bookings over the first half of 2022 has increased by 138% compared with the same period in 2021. Short-term rentals have become critical for the EU tourism ecosystem, including guests and hosts, and for many communities, creating both opportunities and challenges.”


The Irish Self-Catering Federation, along with our EU-based counterparts, the European Holiday Home Association, have been in discussion with the Commission for over a year on the need for a clear, proportionate, and inexpensive online register for the STR sector, managed at the national member state level. This would mean that registration requirements would be enforced equally across the state, which does not happen at present.

Register for STR

EU reason for Registration for STR

A spokesperson for the ISCF Maire Ni Mhurchu stated ‘There was an outcry for clarification on these matters from our members at our recent national roadshow. We are relieved that the EU Register for STR has now been published. This will give all SME short-term rental businesses a legislative framework to work within and every property will be given a clear reference number which will be displayed on all advertising for the property. This will allow the Department of Tourism to publish its new regulations for the sector, which will be managed by Failte Ireland as the state agency. Considering of the EU Commission’s comments today the ISCF believes this is the opportune time to open meaningful dialogue around the reassessment of current rent pressure zones.”

Benefits of Registration for STR

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