Tourism Forecast for Ireland 2022

Best in Donegal

What Does 2022 hold for Tourism Industry in Ireland The National Irish Self Catering Federation is very disappointed on behalf of members that no funding support for the Short-Term Rental … Read More

What are Rent Pressure Zones in Ireland

Short Term Rental Ireland

What is a Rent Pressure Zone’s in Ireland? Rent Pressure zones are areas of Ireland where the Government has decided that no short-term rental can take place without planning permission. … Read More

The Off-Season Traveller-

Workactioners and Digital Nomads – What is the Difference? The expectation is that people stay in Self-Catering properties for 1-2 weeks holidays during the summer season. The sholder season is … Read More

Join the Irish Self-Catering Federation.

Join the Irish Self-Catering Federation 2021 Own a self-catering property in Ireland and want to join the National Representative body of the Irish Self-Catering Federation? Membership of the Irish Self-Catering … Read More

Covid Information and Travel in Ireland

For  many people Self-Cateirng  Accommodation has been the sucess story of the summer with high demand for short-term house rentals for families and multi-generational breaks. Now with school retuning it … Read More