The Irish Self Catering Federation (ISCF) is the national body recognized by Fáilte Ireland to promote and develop the interests of the self-catering sector in Ireland. The Federation was founded on its commitment to quality and high standards in self-catering and is a leading voice in the Irish tourism industry. The Irish Self Catering Federation supports members by lobbying for change which supports the positive development of the self-catering accommodation sector in Ireland. A Register for Short Term Accommodation will be introduced at EU and National level and the Federation fully supports this development.

Members will benefit by and through
*Cost saving benefits, with Affiliates.
*Bi-monthly newsletter to members.
*Social Media and PR initiative.
*Flash Sales on WhatsApp members groups.
*Workshops &Training

*With a growing membership of properties represented and listed on the visitor facing website, the ISCF represents the leading players in Irish self-catering. The LetsGoSelfCatering site will allow for direct booking with owners by guests, as well as through OTA’s.

*The Irish Self Catering Federation would like to offer you the opportunity to become a Partner for Business. The Partners for Business Scheme aims to secure a collaborative relationship with the ISCF, making sure that Partners get the most out of their membership and in turn contribute to the work of the ISCF and the support of its members. It will offer your business the opportunity to engage directly with owners and managers of properties who are members of the ISCF, increasing brand awareness and positioning your organization at the forefront of the self-catering audience. As the ISCF has a National Standard for Quality Assurance for the sector, recognized by Failte Ireland, and offering the best quality Short Term Rental accommodation in Ireland. As a result of Covid-19 Self-Catering has become the number 1 type of accommodation across the EU and US.

• Exposure to competitors
• Opportunities to create partner relationships with trade supplier’s links, with direct listing
• Opportunities to be involved in developing industry working practices and standards through sharing
• Ideas and creating common standards and standard operating procedures as a partner, your business will enjoy the following specific benefits:
• The ISCF will seek to identify any potential opportunities to include your company in events, training or meetings with decision makers, key contacts etc.
• Members for all affiliate levels are via recommendation of Self-Catering business owners.

Level 1

Type Charge Details
Tradesmen €299+ Vat
Tradesmen Directory – Yearly listing in
-Deals for members (10-25%)
-Twice a year in a booklet online, with
county or region serviced.
-Listing given to all members.
-Annual Listing on the ISCF website.
-1 Promotion over our media
-No board approval needed.Need
-Form for listing and email containing:
County, Name, Email, Phone,
Service, Insurance and have (if have
-Link to the ISCF website
– Agreement with providers and social
media offer to members / receipt for –Tax /
VAT purposes.

Level 2

Type Charge Details
Professional Services Companies €450 + Vat
-Option to have table at AGM (when in person
or on brochure if virtual).
-Deals for members (10-25%)
-Details of offer to all new members and
existing members twice a year listing. Two
promotions over our social media channels
*No board approval needed.Need
-Form for listing and email sent out – Company
logo on ISCF website with links.
-Listing given to all members.
-Direct link to ISCF website on company site.
-Agreement with provided offer to members.
-Receipt for Tax / VAT

Level 3

Type Charge Campervans, Estate Agents, Glamping pods, tents & accommodation units, and other’s
Accommodation and services €750 +VAT
List Estate agents for the contacting on the ISCF site – with link – can link to properties for sale per county.
Charge for listing on self-catering for sale, per 3 months on the LetsGo site.
Discounts for members of 15-30%
Two promotions over our social media channels annually.What we need from you
-Contract per year and confirmation of
company status, Trade body, Insurance.
-Form completed with the following details:
Name, Email, Phone, Service, Insurance
and website.
-Social media links for advertising.
-Need to link to the ISCF and websites
-Agreement with provided offer to
-Receipt for Tax / VAT purposes

Level 4

Type Charge Presentations and workshops on specialised subjects
Presentations & Workshops €995+VAT -Presentation of products and/or workshops to members organised by the ISCF – request details.

-Talks/meetings will take place from Oct – April, the quiet season for members.

-Form for listing and an email including the
following: Details of your Business. and
-Take part in workshops annually
-Need to link your business to the ISCF
-Agreement with providers and social media
offer to members.
-Receipt for Tax / VAT purposes.

Level 5

Type Charge Green Energy providers, Government Agencies, National Organizers, National Companies – Car Hire, National Building Companies, Energy Companies
Premium Line Negotiate+ VAT -Working relationship with companies to benefit
-Four promotions over our social media channels
annually *negotiated.
-One feature / article per year in the ISCF publications
and communications.
**Option to provide other information to members – Negotiate rate for each Company.-Platinum level part sponsorship of the annual ISCF
conference, which includes 2 delegate tickets to
the annual conference.
-Recognition in the Chairman’s opening or closing
-Exhibitors stand at the conference supplied by the
Partner, worth €1000.
-Pre-event mailing sent out to all members.
-Details for Virtual Conference to follow.
*Board Approval needed.

-Form – Contract for 1-3 years for working together



Level 6

Type Charge Details
Co. Councils -Listings via Brand areas on listing pages on
-Option to have your page for County to promote
Regional Tourism on
-Two promotions over our social media channels
annually for Festivals and Events.
-Complementary Trade Membership on the ISCF
and 2 tickets to our AMG.Need
-ISCF Board approval and annual contract
-Co. Council agrees to link with ISCF and LetsGo
on Co. Council website
-Listing of members of the Federation on Co.
Council site
-Logo for the and Quality
Assurance Framework details on Co. Council

Level 7

Type Charge Agencies who want to link with us- Cal Systems, OTAs, Travel Nest Agencies, Insurance. Sustainable Energy providers
EU Companies €2999+VAT
(Stable rate)
-Clear pricing for members and discount for
members (10-25%)
-Include free table at AGM, and option to speak
on a panel – conformation 3 months before
-Four – Six promotion over our social media
channels annually
-Two delegate tickets to attend the annual
conference and recognition in the Chairman’s
opening or closing remarks.
-Exhibitors stand at the conference supplied by
the Partner, worth €1000
-Pre-event mailing send out to all members.
-Option to Sponsor part of the AGM,
Newsletter or other workshops and events run
by the ISCF.
-Recognition on the Partners page of the ISCF
members website.
-Endorsement by the ISCF, including a logo
that you can use to show our endorsement.

“ Terms and Conditions of Affiliate Membership of the ISCF”

The different levels of membership for businesses are detailed above. An affiliate can join a higher level of fee payment, but not go to a lower level for their Service or Products and are listed only once on the ISCF website for 1 year from joining date. Please note that all information from all levels of Affiliates must be on the ISCF form sent to members, after a Join now request.
Minimum membership is for 1 year.

All opportunities for Social Media, Newsletter and Website advertising will be given on a first come basis and more advertising can be purchased, if space is available. Copy of wording and images (in correct size) for advertising will be provided to the ISCF by Affiliates 2 weeks before listing on social media and 3 weeks before Newsletter is sent out at the end of the month (Feb, April, June, August, October, December) in one email.
All document of Affiliates will be considered preferred providers to Short Term Rental providers in Ireland. We ask for all links and information are provided within 4 weeks of joining up and linking to the ISCF or in a similar timeframe. No extension to the renewal of membership will be provided.

For affiliates who provide services such as photography, drone footage, electrical services etc. the arrangement for provision of the service is between the member and business provider. Members need to provider Affiliate supplier with ISCF membership number, to get a discount. Confirmation of this membership number can be provider to affiliates only, by the ISCF office via email.

Details of membership of Trade Body, Public Liability and other Insurance, and any other details requested will be for office use only
Members recommend preferred suppliers to benefit the industry in general and to aid others in setting up their businesses. If there is a complaint from members on the service or discount provided the listing will be suspended, while the dispute is being resolved.”