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Details of Conference

ISCF Conference for the self-catering accommodation sector.

The theme of the 2022 Conference is  ‘A Shared Future for Self-Catering” which takes place in person for the first time in 3 years. If you have a cottage or holiday home rental, you may wonder how other owners like you are getting on. Whilst meeting visitors from all over the world is the biggest perk in letting for many, you probably have questions about insurance, public liability, and taxation. You may have problems getting cleaning and maintenance staff. Did you know for example that holiday homeowners provide more bed nights to tourism than hotels, and this sector will increase in the next decade?

The Irish Self Catering Conference is taking place in Malahide Co Dublin on 19 October 2022. This is the first in-person conference for 3 years due to Covid. The self-Catering industry has become much more popular since the Pandemic with it not being the first choice of accommodation for many.

There are many changes coming to this industry with a Register for Short Term Accommodation (STR) being brought in by the Dept of Tourism, with Failte Ireland as the statutory agency in managing the Register. The ISCF has been calling for this Register since 2017 and we want to bring a debate on the implications of this legislation to the industry in Ireland.

The International agencies are involved in the Irish Market with EU regulation of the industry and Online Travel Agents (OTA) responsible for selling many of the accommodation units. The Department of Housing has brought in a creeping increase in the RPZ zones which affect many urban and some rural areas of Ireland. Recent Planning and Development Bill (no 2) 2022 is bringing more legal penalties for this who rent STR properties in RPZ areas.

Details of the speakers at the conference will be announced on Social media in the next month. MC for the day will be Eoghan Corry author, broadcaster, historian, owner of Air and Travel Magazine, and leading commentator of Tourism in Ireland

The  Irish Self-Catering Federation has formed 25 years ago – as a lobby and support group for all of us working in the self-catering accommodation sector. The Irish Self Catering Federation’s annual conference takes place in Dublin on October 19th and is the perfect opportunity to network with owners who are new to the business or in it for decades. If you are around the night before on Monday 12th join us for an informal drinks reception. Why not attend because you will hear from some excellent speakers and presenters who we have invited to speak and exhibit because they are relevant to us, the owners.




The Conference

AGM of the Irish Self-Catering Federation

The Pillars of the Conference

Pillar 1  Future of the Tourism Industry in Ireland

Future of STR in Europe – Facts & Figures

Tourism in the next 5 years


Pillar 2 Legislation   

Register For STR Register – How will it be Implemented

Rent Pressure Zones -Effect on Self-Catering Industry and Implementation


Pillar 3 Standards and Technology

What Can OTAs Bring to the Table

Standards in Tourism Accommodation


Pillar 4 – The Future of Tourism in Ireland andWorldwide

Tourism Ireland – Where and How will Guests Come from

25th Anniversary Celebrations


Where and How will Guests Come from – Tourism Ireland

ISCF at 25 Years – A Celebration

Discussion on Future of Self-Catering Industry.




Pillar 5 – Networking and Developing Group Business (Workshop Room)

 Are we heading for a winter of discontent (-Brainstorming session).

Maximizing your Revenue Potential

Would Centralisation work for us?


Pillar 6 – THE SME Self-Catering in Development (Workshop Room)

Planning & Development Toolkit

Maximizing your Revenue Potential

Luxury in Self-Catering