Think Tank

Think Tank February 2016

Executive Council work tirelessly on behalf of ISCF members and recently gave their time freely to attend a Think Tank. This consisted of an over overnight away in order to address more ISCF issues over the 2 days. We have big plans for expanding the Federation and it was felt that we could not make enough progress at the monthly meetings and the Think Tank proved the perfect forum for teasing out ideas and getting jobs done.

Some of the main topics covered at the Think Tank were the new ISCF Members’ Charter made up of ISCF Ideals and Principles of Service and ISCF Committed to Quality Scheme. Considerable time was set aside to help prepare Liz Keane and Stephen McGovern prepare for their meeting with Fáilte Ireland regarding the possibility of getting financial support for ISCF. Finally, an action plan was created in relation to membership structure and review of recruitment campaign under the headings of types of membership, website and social media.

Many thanks to our wonderful host, ISCF Director, Paula Irwin who generously hosted a Think Tank at Decoy Country Cottages. Paula spoiled us for the couple of days and thanks to her family too for enduring the disruption. We were happy with the progress made and there was plenty of great ideas which you will hear more about as progress is made.
Photo 1. Wonderful accommodation at Decoy with 5 star touches like welcome baskets.
Photo 2. Liz doing late night egg collection…. she must be cracked 🙂