ISCF Meetings

Executive Council Meetings


EC meetings are held in Dublin at least bi-monthly, to set a clear direction for the Federation, check on progress and meet with the ISCF administrator, Dorren. We hope to keep our members more informed in the future about the proceedings of these meetings on the new page on our ISCF website and on our ISCF Facebook page. We also hope to keep members better updated on exactly what work is being undertaken on behalf of members behind the scenes between these meetings.
We encourage all members to email to submit any questions they would like to be addressed at these EC meetings.

Members’ letters/comments – Dear Editor’s section:

I would very much welcome any items you may wish to submit for our members section of our newsletter.

  • Have you any Marketing ideas which are working for you or alerts that you would like to share?
  • Do you have a concern or issue that you would like brought to the attention of our members?

If so, please send your emails to