Are you making the most of your LGSC listing?

Taking the following steps can improve your chances of more bookings.
Update your prices
Add special offers
Add great photos

Include a link on your own website to your LGSC calendar
Be proud of your membership, include the ISCF and LGSC logos on your own site

Update your LetsGoSelfCatering.com prices

January is the busiest month of the year for booking holidays, so it is important that your LetsGo listing has been updated.

Here are the steps you need to take to update your prices for 2017.

  1. Login here Owner login. This can be found on the LetsGo home page and ISCF Members page.
  2. Go to Properties > Edit Properties, select the blue button Prices and Availability
  3. Click on the prices band on the date you want to start. This will open a data entry box.
  4. Select the Start Date, End Date and Weekly rate > Save
    • You also enter prices for 1-6 nights, mid week or weekend.
    • Repeat this step, depending on the different price brackets you have e.g. Easter, high season, Christmas. Enter has many price bands as you want.

Don’t forget to include short breaks. These days, guests are looking for greater flexibility which can easily be offered on your LetsGo listing.

To enter options for short breaks, follow steps 1 and 2 above.

  1. Click on the Short Breaks band on the date you want to start which will open a data entry box.
  2. Select the Start Date, End Date and select the Start Days and Length of Stay > Save
    • Time saving tip: if you want all days of the week to show the same min and max days, click on the ‘min days’ & ‘max days’ headings. This will copy Monday’s entry to the other 6 days.
  3. You can use the following table to guide you on how to set prices for short breaks
    No. of Nights  percentage of weekly price
    2 nights 70%
    3 nights 75%
    4 nights 80%
    5 nights 90%
    6 nights 95%

SuperControl have produced a Help video and a printable info page on Help using the pricing planner and the following link contains some guidance on how to charge for short breaks.

Please contact the office if you need a reminder of your LetsGo login details or have any other queries.