Membership Benefits

1.     Advice, News & Networking

Regular newsletters keep you informed and up-to-date with industry news and networking opportunities. Access to advice from Executive Council members.

2.     Representation

Be represented when key tourism industry decisions are being made. Proactive lobbying, both nationally and in Europe at a time when it is essential that we keep the pressure on to ensure that our self catering sector is treated fairly and that consultative processes are engaged in to reflect the state of our industry.

3.     EHHA members

ISCF is a member of the European Holiday Homes Association (EHHA), click EHHA to view their website.  The EHHA are the European representative body for all self catering federations in Europe and lobby in Brussels on  behalf of all the representative bodies on issues that are effect the day to day operations of all self catering providers no matter how big or small.

4.     Marketing

Marketing and promotional opportunities both home and abroad (trade fairs) to promote Additional adverts taken in national papers. Promotion through our social media channels. Be invited to join in marketing and PR initiatives.

5.     Discounts from Trade Suppliers to reduce your operating costs

Our list of recommended Trade Suppliers offer cost saving benefits on insurance, credit card merchant rates and more discounts to ISCF members.

6.     Online consumer website and booking engine on

Members can list properties on booking engine, a state of the art website for consumers to browse and book self catering accommodation. The LetsGoSelfCatering booking engine is designed purely for self catering bookings which caters for flexible bookings and can be imbedded into your website allowing you to take online bookings and payment plus many additional features.

7.     Technical Support & Training

Content Support Package offers annual option of technical support package to update and manage LGSC content. Avail of group training opportunities to improve your business skills.

8.     Quality Assurance

Members must be either registered with Failte Ireland or sign up to our quality assurance charter.

9.     Forum for Sharing of Information

The online discussion forum is a simple and convenient place for members to engage with each other.

10.  Annual Conference

With discounted admission for members, the Annual Conference is industry networking event, with speakers relevant to the sector.